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QNX-Russia-2012 conference

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QNX-Russia-2012 Conference: Events and Trends of QNX World

Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow, April 19, 2012 – XII International QNX-Russia-2012 Conference will be held there. The event will bring together in one place the leading developers, suppliers and consumers of specialized software and hardware solutions.

QNX-Russia-2012 Conference — is a one of the most significant events for the Russian market of the embedded systems and automation technologies. The Conference is to be organized by the SWD Software and SWD Embedded Systems, supported by the QNX Software Systems. The leading developers, vendors and suppliers of hardware, software development tools for fault-tolerant embedded systems should actively participate in the QNX-Russia-2012 Conference.

In 2012, the QNX-Russia Conference will be held in the traditional format, which combines QNX technology experts' reports, presentations of the QNX partner companies, master-classes on the practical use of various embedded technologies, an exhibition of software and hardware solutions for embedded and real-time applications.

The Conference will cover the features and capabilities of the QNX operating system and development tools, as well as dedicated products to address various problems of designing, developing and upgrading of fault-tolerant robust embedded and distributed control systems. Special attention will be paid to the certified versions of QNX RTOS capabilities.

QNX-Russia-2012 Conference will attract attention of both experienced system developers who use QNX Neutrino RTOS, and managers and engineers who consider QNX as a platform for their solutions. Please visit the site to obtain more information about the event and follow the news concerning Conference preparation.


SWD Software is the platinum distributor of QNX Software Systems in Russia, CIS countries and Poland. The Company retains market position for over 20 years, and it is one of the leading software and hardware providers for the Russian developers of the embedded and real time systems. The SWD Software customers can use the technical support services in Russian, and they also can receive training on QNX technologies in our authorized Training Center.

SWD Embedded Systems is designer and provider of solutions based on secure real-time operating system. SWD Embedded Systems main lines of activity include providing military industry and companies preferring Russian hardware & software solutions with software complying with high requirements on security and reliability. SWD Embedded Systems carries out designing system software, and custom software development, and provides a full cycle of software support, including training, consulting, and R&D. The enterprise has the necessary Russian licenses and certificates to provide its products and services.